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BT-3200 - Bar-Tacking Machine

BT-3200 - Bar-Tacking Machine

Bar-Tacking Machine: Higher productivity and better ergonomics

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Main Features

High Productivity

Sewing speed of 3,200 rpm combined with increased ramp-up, thread trimming, presser foot lifting and ramp-down speeds shortens total cycle time and provides higher productivity. Driven by step motor, height of presser foot can be set in 2 different values also contributing to better productivity. Easy positioning of sewing material further reduces the handling time.

Low Noise and Low-vibration

Direct drive head powered by AC servo motor better synchronized with servo feeding motor, optimization of rotational mechanism and arm bed create a comfortable working environment with reduced vibration and noise.

Excellent Seam Quality

The upper thread nipper securely holds the thread for correct first stitch formation and avoids skipped stitching. A highly rigid needle bar and thread take-up mechanisms eliminate the risk of a slack or bending even at higher speeds. Feeding of 0.05 mm of fabric per pulse of the servo controlled feed motor ensures accurate slanted and curved stitching.

No Risk of Stains

Thanks to the dry type head the needle bar and thread take-up mechanisms no longer require lubrication. Clean oil is only supplied to the hook eliminating the risk of oil stains on the garment. Due to use of direct drive technology, the possibility of belt shaving stains on the garment is also eliminated.

Short Thread Trimming

Optimization of thread trimming mechanisms resulted in shorter thread ends (2-2.5mm) eliminating the need for manual trimming following tacking operation.

Powerful Needle Penetration

Use of a 550W servomotor provides more powerful needle penetration force and more reliable sewing on thicker materials.

Variety of Sewing Patterns and Large Sewing Area (BT-3200)

The machine is provided as standard with 50 different sewing patterns. The large sewing area of 40x30 mm enables the handling of a wide range of applications from men`s to women`s clothing, denim to knits and foundation garments. The sewing patterns can be extended within the 40x30mm sewing area with the use of programming software.

Wide Machine Applicability

The following machine models are available:

  • BT-3200 - 001  (53.0000.0.001)  for medium - weight garment
  • BT-3200 - 003  (53.0000.0.003)  for heavy - weight garment

Auto Presser Foot Mechanism

The presser foot is controlled by a step motor enabling two different strokes which can be pre-set for each sewing program from the control panel. This mechanism enhances productivity and reduces operator fatigue. The maximum presser foot lift is 17 mm.

Compact Flash Card Use

The use of CF card makes it easy to create sewing patterns on a computer using the programming software and uploading them to the machine by simple use of control panel buttons without the need to change e-proms on the board.