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PS 250 - Automatic Pocket Setter for Jeans

PS 250 - Automatic Pocket Setter for Jeans

The fully automatized machine for pocket setting including creasing process. The machine folds pocket cloths and fit into a designated size and sew it. PS 250 productivity is much higher than the operation using steam iron, lockstitch machine and bartacking.

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Main Features

Touch control panel

The pocket style is programmable directly on the machine with internal memory for 1,000 patterns. High flexibility and effective machine control is thus ensured since no external programming device is requested.

High sewing reliability and even seam quality

Lock-stitch sewing style utilizing a CB-looper ensures high sewing reliability. Together with an advanced clamping mechanism complemented by an oscilating presser foot ensures even seam quality and outstanding result.

Double colour

Two different colors can be used during one sewing cycle. Thanks to the two needle-bars system, each thread is permanently threaded to a dedicated needle-bar guaranteeing rapid color exchange.

Any shape of pocket, any pattern

Square, asymetric pockets or any other shape can be sewn by PS 250. It can be easily designed on the machine control panel and quickly checked directly on the jeans pocket. Conversion kit enables using this machine even for frequently changing pocket styles, or for small production series.