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CBS 13 - Button Sewing and Neck Wrapping

CBS 13 - Button Sewing and Neck Wrapping

The  CBS  13  offers  high-speed  button  sewing and  neck  wrapping  performed  by  a  single  machine utilizing  a  single-thread  chainstitch.  High flexibility allows sewing a wide range of buttons utilizing a quick conversion system.

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Main Features

Patent-Protected Concepts

Machine is controlled by a unique combination of mechanical and electrical components, allowing sewing at high speed. Full control of all the sewing parameters and button properties is achieved by utilizing several patent-protected concepts.

  • Needle-Bar – Looper Timing Mechanism controlling the relative position of the needle-bar and rotational looper, thus allowing high-speed neck wrapping by means of the needle-bar bite. This feature eliminates the need of looper left & right movement.


  • Universal Flat Button Holder automatically adapting to minor button-hole spacing variances (thus fully covering the standard spacing range), easily adjustable to major variances and firmly holding the button during feeding.


Flexible Button Feeder

Machine allows sewing of 2- and 4-holes flat-buttons and shank-buttons with rapid exchange of respective button holders.



Counter-button sewing is also enabled on the same machine while requiring only minimum additional accessory.


High Resolution Full-Color Touch Screen Display

5.7" LCD high resolution full-color touch screen display incorporates all the sewing functions. The use of easily understandable symbols makes the machine very easy to operate with minimum requirements for training time. User friendly icons are utilized for setting parameters such as button type, sewing style, number of stitches and wraps, neck height and stitch depth. Currently sewn button parameters are displayed on the main screen while operating the machine.

Sewing Range and Style

Button Style

Button type range from 2 or 4-hole flat buttons to shank buttons in different sizes, which are easily programmable from the touch screen. At the time of button specification, the operator selects all the sewing style with one simple touch. Up to 99 different button style combinations can be stored in the machine memory.

Button Chuck

Two button chucks are available covering wide range of button diameters - from 10 to 34 mm (16" - 54").

Show & Blind Stitch

The CBS 13 machine has an option called "blind" or "show" stitch in addition to standard. If the show stitch option is selected, only one single stitch is passed completely through the garment for high-quality appearance. Alternatively, the blind stitch option does not show any stitch on the inside of the garment and the thread only penetrates to the middle of the material.

Stitching Option

Optional "V" shape stitching method is available for 4-hole flat buttons. When attaching the button, all stitches are sewn into two locations which are very close to each other. Furthermore, combining the "V" shape sewing with the blind stitching would enhance the stitching quality, which will give the hallmark of quality to the sewn garment.

Button Wrapping

Buttons are proportionally and automatically wrapped to form a firm button neck. Operator can specify number of wraps, neck height and marginal wrapping positions. Depending on the designer's requirements the neck height can be programmed from 0 to 8 mm.

Material Feeding

Special design of the tongue ensures perfect feeding and fixing of the fabric. The tongue automatically adapts to a different material thickness and holds down the sewn garment while stitching the button. The new design also simplifies the tongue change between V-shape sewing and standard 4-hole button sewing style.

Optional Cross-Over Thread

Due to the incorporated thread-trimming and pick-up mechanism, the operator can turn the cross-over stitch on or off. Slightly extended sewing time when the cross-over stitch is disabled is compensated by higher quality appearance of the button attaching stitches.

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