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RPS/F Series - Electronically Controlled Pattern Sewing Machine with DD

RPS/F Series - Electronically Controlled Pattern Sewing Machine with DD

Electronically controlled pattern sewing machine with Direct drive

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Main Features

Sewing Area

RPS/F-1507 and RPS/F-2010 have a smaller sewing area with max. sewing speed of 2800 SPM. Two piece clamps which are pneumatically controlled are standard RPS/F-3020 has a larger sewing area with max. sewing speed of 2300 SPM. One piece clamp which is pneumatically controlled is standard.

The model RPS/F-6040 with max. sewing area is 600 x 400 mm is only custom-made. RPS/F-4032 RPS/F-6032 and RPS/F-6040 have a large sewing area with max. sewing speed of 2500 SPM. Pneumatically controlled clamping  mechanism for clamping fabric is standard.

All models are supplied with wiper as standard.

Data transfer by USB port

The transfer of data is done by USB port which is fitted to the control system on the machine. Remote monitoring and diagnostic is operated by LAN port.

 “F serie” control system 

New control system “F serie” eliminates incorrect stitches and ensures “stitch in stitch” at backward sewing also at max speed. This system also regulates acceleration and decelaration of machine very quickly and on time. These two functions reduce time for making products.

Touch Screen

Touch LCD and new software makes work easier for operator. Operator can see on the big screen the coloured working area and all the information  bout the pattern, number of products, sewing speed, all optional functions of machines which are turned on, operator can see the position of the fabric about to be sewn. Operator can edit new patterns on LCD. Also it is possible to get help from the library of saved patterns edit, large, enlarge, move.


Wiper is supplied for all models as standard. Wiper ensure wiping of the thread outside of helping presser foot after the end of sewing cycle. Working of machine is made by direct drive, helping by servomotor with load 750 W.

Easy connection by LAN port

Easy connectivity to the machine, remote control, monitoring and diagnostic of troubles is made by LAN port. Once connected problems with the  machine can resolved quickly.

Optionall Accessories

LCD screen holder

The adjustable ergonomic holder for the LCD screen is supplied as standard for the following machines: RPS/F-3020,  PS/F-4032, RPS/F-6032 and RPS/F-6040. The adjustable ergonomic holder for the LCD screen is an option for the following machines: RPS/F-1507
and RPS/F-2010.

Laser light

Laser light is used for positioning of the work in relation to the moving frame.

Rotary frame

The function of the rotary frame is to hold labels and place in to position at the sewing start, this is done by programme.

High presser foot function 

The height of the presser foot can be adjusted for thick materials by programme. The automatic lift of the presser foot to predefined position is operated
by programmed command.

Needle cooler

The needle cooler is used for prevention of thread breaking when sewing heavy materials or at high speed.

Thread holder

 Fitting the thread holder eliminate any problems at start of sewing on heavy materials.

The “Tivar“ base of feeding plate

At the machines RPS/F-1507 and RPS/F-2010 there is metallic base of feeding plate as standard. This metallic base is covered with protective and replaceable plastic film with limited life. The “Tivar“ base is supllied for these modes as an option. This special base of feeding plate with multiple life
in comparison with standard base is resistance to abrasion. This “Tivar“ base also eliminates problems with break of film. Machines with “large“ sewing area are supplied with “Tivar” base as standard.

RPS-01 Software

The software programme RPS-01 is specially designed for making patterns on the RPS-series and to work with CAD systems (DXF) allowing the importation vectors from CADsystems. The software also makes the possibility to show the simulation of sewing the pattern on computer. The transferring
of patterns to machine is done by USB flashdisk or by LAN network.

System requirements:

PC/OS Windows XP or more
RAM 512 MB
HDD 10 MB free space
Display VGA or more 1024x768
USB port     1x for key-lock
Mouse mouse for Windows

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