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Electronic Eyelet Buttonhole Machine S-311

Electronic Eyelet Buttonhole Machine S-311

The S-311 electronically controlled, fully programmable eyelet buttonhole machine provides the user with total flexibility and versatility with a wide variety of models. Machine is equipped with new, faster control system, including 20% reduced cycle time, and new larger touch screen display. Optional accessories, especially designed for jacket applications, provide higher cutting flexibility including the desired cutting position. These facilitate the production of buttonholes  in one operation without any follow-up work. 

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Main Features

X-Y Electronic Control Motors

This X-Y machine is driven by three stepper motors and an induction motor. The stepper motors control the rotation of the sewing race, the horizontal and lateral movements of the machine. An induction motor drives the needle bar movement.

X-Y electronic control reduces the number of mechanical parts, increases the machine flexibility and provides a quiter operating environment. With fewer parts, the machine is more productive, more reliable with less down-time.

Touch Screen

Touch screen interface is fixed onto the machine table and can be adjusted for operator comfort. The use of easily understood symbols and graphics reduces the amount of operator training time normally required to set buttonhole types and sewing parameters.

The total flexibility provided by the program means that all important machine features including the cycle mode can be selected and sewn by a simple touch on the screen. Please refer to the chart below for more details.

S-311 display

Programmable Cycle Sewing

Cycle sewing, which is a standard feature on all models, allows up to 21 different buttonholes to be sewn in 47 different programs. For example the operator can set the machine to sew any of the buttonhole styles in any combinations such as 2x eyelet, 1x no eye, 1x eyelet with crossbar. These programs can be easily set by the operator from the control panel.

Ultra Flexibility on Men’s Suit Applications

Thank to our Ultraflex accessories the buttonhole applications on the men’s suits are now very easy. With a combination of the lapel system and the lapel optical sensor – the machine provides the operator with partial cutting of the lapel buttonhole in precisely specified place and automatically recognizes the correct buttonhole from the cycle mode. These new accessories are available only for machines that are equipped with Automatic Cutting Length (ACL) System. Please refer to the Optional Accessories for more details.

LED Sewing Lights

The LED sewing lights as a part of the sewing head to illuminate the sewing area better.

Electronic Stitch Bite Adjustments

The electronically adjustable stitch bite provides further programming of the two basic sewing widths. The operator can set the stitch bite for buttonhole and crossbar finish separately.

Submerged Sewing Head

Submerged Sewing Head reduces the noise level significantly and allows the operator to handle the garments more ergonomically, which means less operator fatigue.

Pneumatic System

Pneumatic System controls are used for material clamping, cutting, fabric spreading, tension release and thread nipper. On the thread trimming models, the shears are also activated by pneumatics.

Sewing Speed up to 2,000 spm

The sewing speed is adjustable from 1,000 – 2,000 spm on the touch screen. The sewing speed can also be adjusted at the start and end position as well as around the eye to ensure excellent sewing quality even on more difficult materials.

Waste Material Removal and Suction System

The waste material removal & suction system help to keep the working environment cleaner by removal of the cut-off threads and cut-off eye material from the sewing area into a waste bag. This pneumatically controlled system prolongs the knife lifetime and provides our customer with better buttonhole cutting.

Improved Lubrication System

The improved lubrication system ensures quicker oil distribution on the critical parts of the machine immediately after turning the machine on.

Model Classifications

The S-311 models are classified according to the trimming mechanism into AF, CT, LTT models. Optional clamp plates have to be used for each machine model to perform the required buttonholes. All threads are trimmed with the exception of the AF (adjustable flybar) model where only the top thread can be trimmed.

Sewing Patterns

The AF and LTT models are capable of sewing the same range of buttonhole types with eye or no eye (open end, basic adjustable flybar, crossbar, round end). All CT models are used only for buttonholes with flybar finishing. To view available sewing patterns please click here. Gimp is applicable in all models, excluding the RDE model, but not recommended when the crossbar type buttonhole is selected.

Available Models and Appications

The S-311 Range can be used for all types of garments that require an eyelet buttonhole, including menswear, ladieswear, jeans, trousers and other outerwear.

 S – 311 AF

  • Description: Basic Adjustable flybar model with regular travel for either cut before or cut after applications where only top thread is trimmed automatically.
  • Size Adjustment: 10-50 mm (3/8” – 131/32”) , adjustable in increments of 1mm.
  • Applications: Can be used for all buttonhole applications, including menswear, ladieswear, jeans, trousers and other outerwear.

 S – 311 CT

  • Description: Cord trim model with regular travel for either cut before or cut after applications. 
  • Size Adjustment: 16-32mm (5/8” – 11/4”), adjustable in increments of 1mm by use of four clamp kits: 16 - 20 mm (5/8” - 25/32”), 20 – 24 mm (25/32” – 15/16”), 24 – 28 mm (15/16” – 11/8”), 28 – 32 mm (11/8” - 11/4”)
  • Applications: For use where all threads need to be trimmed from the very end of the buttonhole, by use of the optional clamping plates a wide range of buttonhole sizes can be sewn. One set of clamp plates are supplied with the machine as standard. This cord trim model is recommended but not limited for use on jeans and denim applications.

 S – 311 LTT

  • Description: The long tail trimmer model trims all the threads leaving a long length of each thread and gimp which can then be turned through the finished buttonhole and bar tacked in a separate operation. It can be used for either cut before or cut after applications. This method of bar tacking in the tail ends ensures a neater finish of the buttonhole and ensures that all of the threads are secure.
  • Size Adjustment: 10-36 mm (3/8” - 113/32”), adjustable in increments of 1mm
  • Applications: The LTT operation would be used mainly in tailored outerwear operations.

 S – 311 AF/ACL or LTT/ACL

  • Description: The AF and LTT model can be equipped with an ACL system. The ACL (Adjustable Cutting Length) system allows the operator to sew different sizes of buttonholes without the need to change the knife or the cutting block.
  • Size Adjustment: 13-38 mm depending on the model combination

 S – 311 RDE

  • Description: The new Round Eyelet Model was specially designed for sewing of circular “Round Eyelet” holes. Either single or double thread can be used with an eyelet ranging form 2 to 7 mm. With the purchase of a conversion kit it is also possible to sew standard buttonholes, which means that it is no longer necessary to have a dedicated round eyelet machine in your production line.
  • Size Adjustment: 2 mm – 7 mm (5/64 – 9/32)
  • Applications: Hats, caps, cloth belts, ventilation holes for uniforms or work wear.


Optional Accessories

Lapel System

The Lapel System is a special optional accessory for jacket applications where lapel buttonholes are cut fully and partially. The operator easily programs the cutting length, cutting position of the lapel buttonhole from the touch screen display. This system is offered in 3 different kits, as shown in the chart below, and can be combined only with machines that are equipped with Automatic Cutting Length (ACL) System.

Lapel Optical Sensor

The Lapel Optical Sensor is an optional accessory specially designed for jacket applications. Thanks to a specially designed sensor system the machine is able to recognize and activate the correct buttonhole program automatically. This system is used when sewing on front and lapel sections of the jacket and substitutes the standard cycle mode. The lapel optical system can be ordered with machines that are equipped with the lapel system.

Thread Nipper

The thread nipper holds the top thread at the start of sewing. The thread nipper, which is standard on the LTT version and optional on AF and CT models, was developed to provide our customers with better looking buttonholes. Holding the free end of the thread ensures that the first stitch is formed properly especially on difficult fabrics.

ACL-Automatic Cutting Length

The ACL system allows the operator to sew different sizes of buttonholes without the need to change the knife or the cutting block. This system can be combined with AF and LTT models. Range of buttonhole length is between 13-38 mm depending on the model combination.

Conversion Kits

The conversion kits, that can be ordered optionally from AMF Reece, provide the manufacturer with maximum flexibility and versatility as far as the machine utilization. Please contact us for conversion charts.

Hand Start Control

The hand start control is recommended for standing operators and is offered as an optional accessory. This mechanism is placed on the machine bad plate to start the machine operating.

Work Light

The work light can be ordered extra to be placed on the machine table when needed.

Cutting Knives, Cutting Steels, Clamp Feet, Throat Plates, Work Mats 

Optional cutting knives, cutting steels, clamp feet, throat plates, work mats are available and can be ordered from our spare parts department if required. Please click on the following links for more details on accessories: Clamping, Cutting Steel, Cutting Knife, Clamp Foot, Throat Plate, Work Mat.




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