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Chainstitch Imitation Sleeve Buttonhole Machine S-4000 ISBH Indexer SM

Chainstitch Imitation Sleeve Buttonhole Machine S-4000 ISBH Indexer SM


High speed electronically controlled chainstitch imitation sleeve buttonhole machine designed for sewing purely decorative and non-functional buttonholes on jacket sleeves. The chainstitch imitation sleeve buttonhole machine is programmable to sew automatically up to 8 imitation buttonholes at specific distances between each buttonhole. The machine clamps can be set to sew imitation buttonholes at an angle of 0 to 20 degree from a sleeve cuff. The chainstitch imitation sleeve buttonhole machine is offered with large touch screen display that uses easily understood symbols and graphics to simplify the adjustments. The optional laser lights mark the position of the sleeve at the beginning of sewing cycle. The high sewing speed up to 3800 spm and the short sewing cycle increase productivity and the single pedal electronic start reduces operator fatigue.

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Main Features

Electronic Stop and Start Motion

The electronic start and stop motion extends machine life and improves machine reliability by eliminating the stop motion and clutch mechanisms.

Patented Mechanisms

The S-4000 contains six patented mechanisms:

  • Needle Bar Drive
  • Looper Drive
  • Main Cam
  • Double Lobe Cam
  • Bite Mechanisms
  • Feed Mechanisms

Fully Enclosed Mechanism

DC Drive Motor is fully enclosed within the head casting, eliminating the need for an under the table mounted clutch motor, pulley, belt and brake. This reduces required maintenance and eliminates oil and dust around the working area.

Control Panel

Machine is equipped with a touch screen display using easily understood symbols and graphics .

Decorative No-Cut Buttonhole

The S-4000 ISBH produces a buttonhole which has a similar appearance to a normal buttonhole but is purely decorative and non-functional. This type of buttonhole is not cut and is used on the sleeves of men’s and ladies’ jackets, suits and sports coats. Since this buttonhole is not cut, and is done on a fast chainstitch machine, sewing at speeds up to 3,800 spm, the operator is able to sew 2 – 3 times more jacket/coat sleeves, than with a conventional buttonhole machine.

Only one square bar is sewn while at the other end the small stitch gives the appearance of a rounded end. On the finished garment the button is sewn over the square bar. The size of the buttonhole is from 15,8 mm to 25 mm (5/8” to 1”). To see the difference between the regular and ISBH buttonhole please see the drawings below.

Productivity & Flexibility

Chainstitch buttonholing provides increased productivity with no bobbin change. The elasticity of the chainstitch also provides the flexibility needed for many fabrics such as knitwear.

Pneumatic Clamping, Cutting and Thread Trimming

  • Pneumatic cutting reduces the number of adjustments and increases the consistency and reliability of the cut.
  • Pneumatic clamping reacts to different thicknesses and types of fabric.
  • Pneumatic thread trimming gives consistent and reliable trimming at the end of each sewing cycle.

Semi-Automatic Lubrication System and Oil Monitor

The S-4000 series is equipped with the drip oil wick lubrication system and oil level monitor. This system prolongs the machine life and reliability.

High Speed Sewing with Reduced Noise Level

The S-4000 series has electronically adjustable sewing speed up to 3,800 spm and are the fastest chainstitch buttonhole and special application machines available. Due to the DC Drive Motor the machine is 20% faster than other models. The noise level is also significantly lower on the S-4000.

Optional Accessories

Laser Lights for S-4000 ISBH Indexer

The new laser light system for S-4000 ISBH Indexer model marks the position of the sleeve at the beginning of sewing cycle. The laser lights can be also modified to earlier production machine which has clinton controller or mitsubishi controller with touch screen easy view display. To set the laser lights on these versions it is necessary to drill threads into the machine sewing head to fix the light’s holder. Please refer to the drawing below for more details.

Optional Cams

Different Buttonhole Shapes can be sewn with other two cams that can be ordered extra from AMF Reece. The machine sis supplied with the standard cam.


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