AMF REECE - sewing machines

Limited warranty on new AMF Reece equipment

Warranty provisions

  • A ninety (90) day limited service labor warranty to correct defects in installation, workmanship, or material without charge for labor. This portion of the warranty applies to machines sold as ”installed” only.
  • A one (1) year limited material warranty on major component parts to replace materials with defects. Any new part believed defective must be returned freight prepaid to AMF Reece, CR, s.r.o for inspection. If, upon inspection, the part or material is determined to be defective, AMF Reece, CR, s.r.o will replace it without charge to the customer for parts or material.
  • Service labor warranty period shall begin on the completed installation date.
  • Material warranty shall begin on the date the equipment is shipped from AMF Reece CR, s.r.o.


Excluded from both service labor warranty and material warranty are:

  • Consumable parts which would be normally considered replaceable in day-to-day operations. These include parts such as needles, knives, loopers and spreaders.
  • Normal adjustment and routine maintenance. This is the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • Cleaning and lubrication of equipment.
  • Parts found to be altered, broken or damaged due to neglect or improper installation or application.
  • Damage caused by the use of non-Genuine AMF Reece parts.
  • Shipping or delivery charges.
  • There is no service labor warranty for machines sold as ”uninstalled”.
  • Equipment installed without the assistance of a certified technician (either an AMF Reece Employee, a Certified Contractor, or that of an Authorized Distributor) will have the limited material warranty only. Only the defective material will be covered. Any charges associated with the use of an AMF Reece Technician or that of a Distributor to replace the defective part will be the customer’s responsibility.


No other warranty, express or implied, as to description, duality, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose or any other matter is given by seller or seller’s agent on connection herewith. Under no circumstances shall seller or seller’s agent be liable for loss of profits or any other direct or indirect costs, expenses, losses or damages arising out of defects in or failure of the equipment or any part thereof. 

What to do if there is a question regarding warranty 

If a machine is purchased through an authorized AMF Reece CR, s.r.o. distributor, warranty questions should be first directed to that distributor. However, the satisfaction and goodwill of our customers are of primary concern to AMF Reece.

In the event that a warranty matter is not handled to your satisfaction, please contact our customer service director Mr. Kamil Krátký at:

Phone:          +420 582 309 351
Mobile:         +420 777 268 219